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Flea Control London

flea_control001Is your home flea invaded? Don’t stress out! You need our experts’ help to deal with the situation. We are a flea control company of many years that is occupied with killing fleas and other insects from commercial and residential buildings. We are equipped with a number of advanced tools and sprays to ensure all bugs are gone for good. Don’t let fleas interrupt your daily routine. They should not be part of your life. Get in touch with us and call in our experts to tackle this problem for you. Soon you will say goodbye to the nasty parasites. The best results are guaranteed. Get a quote by phone as soon as possible.

Urgent Flea Control

We can visit your place within a few hours to provide an urgent flea control service if that is the case. We will kill all the fleas both outdoors and indoors and we won’t forget to eliminate their eggs. We can assure you your property will be safe and free from fleas.


More about our services:

  • Professional and results-oriented
  • Very effective
  • Powerful and non-harmful for your family
  • Cost-effective

flea_control02There are a few things about our company to take into consideration. First off, we use special sprays that kill both fleas and their eggs. We will spray every cavity or crack in the floor, your furniture (especially all upholstered items), your bedding, carpets and rugs because flea eggs tend to hatch in these places. Rest assured our sprays are non-hazardous for adults and children, and they don’t pose a health risk to asthmatics and people with other allergies. Plants are not going to be harmed either. Second, you will need to stay out of your home for a couple of hours after we finish the flea treatment. After that you can continue with your normal life. Last but not least, we use a variety of products and equipment, based on the situation.

We will rid your home of fleas and help you return to your daily activities as soon as possible. Don’t let these tiny bugs mess with you. You can get rid of them very quickly. You get in touch with us and you’re done. We’ll be sure to send a team of specialists straight away. Dial our contact numbers and we’ll answer your questions and attend to your requests. Give us a shot.