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Rodent Treatment London

rodent_treatment_01If your home or commercial property has problems with rodent infestation, you can contact our company. It is specialized in rodent treatment for commercial and domestic estates, located in London. Mice, rats and squirrels can inflict a lot of damage to any property, infecting every place they reach. If in your home or business in the sphere of foods has entered some rodent, you must take immediate action. Rats, mice and other rodents spread many diseases, most of which are lethal. The faster you react, the less inflicted damages on your property and the people living in it, they will create. Call our company to ensure the proper and swift rodent treatment you need.

Discreet, Fast and Safe Rodent Treatment

You can contact our company to order rodent treatment for your property any time.

We can offer you:


  • Safe, swift and discreet trapping and removal of rodents
  • Preliminary inspection of the place for determining the type of infestation it has
  • Professional consultation
  • The usage of effective trapping equipment and proper pesticides
  • Swift and safe removal of mice, squirrels and rats
  • Disinfecting the place
  • Final consultation on the way you should proof your home and business property from rodents
  • Experienced and trained staff, who have passed the safety and health assessments of the British Pest Control Association

rodent_treatment02After our staff arrive for initial survey of your property, they will determine the type of rodent infestation it has. Our specialists in rodent treatment will take all necessary measures to trap the rats, mice or squirrels and remove them from the place. They will deal with every case with the necessary attention and professionalism. After the rodent is eliminated from your home or commercial property, the place will be disinfected. We use professional trapping equipment for mice, rats and squirrels, as well as efficient pesticides. If you need professional rodent treatment for your home or commercial property, located in London, don’t hesitate to call us and let our reliable staff take care of the problem.

Use our affordable and trustworthy rodent treatment services, provided in London, to save your property from all the damage and diseases rats, mice and squirrels cause. Our call centre is at your disposal to have your problems with rodents solved swiftly and without any risks to your health. Our personnel will deal with every situation with extra care, attention and discretion.