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Woodworm Treatment London

woodworm_treatment_01We offer professional woodworm treatments at the most affordable prices in the city of London. Our special treatments are very effective against the different kinds of beetles which might endanger your health and your home. In case you notice that there is an infestation of woodworm in your property, you can contact us any time in our main office in the city. We have our own special products which will promptly take care of the threat in your entire home. Our professional treatments also have very reasonable prices, which means that you will be able to protect your home from the intruders without investing a big sum of money.

Professional Woodworm Treatments

Sometimes our clients don’t realise that their homes are infested for quite some time. During that time the woodworm can damage significantly the furniture, the floorboards and different other wooden objects. That’s why it is best to contact us the moment you notice even the smallest sign that suggests that there are beetles in your real estate property.

We will take care of the rest by:


  • Doing a thorough inspection of all premises in your home;
  • Determining the perimeter of the infestation;
  • Using professional equipment and strong pesticides to kill the intruders;
  • Checking again the area to be sure that the woodworm won’t bother you any more

woodworm_treatment02If you notice that there are small holes in your hardwood floors or in some other part of your real estate property, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. The woodworm can be very dangerous for your safety and for the safety of your family, especially if you don’t take the necessary measures on time. With one simple phone call you can reach the specialists from our professional company who will answer immediately to your questions.
In case you need more information about our agency and our special treatments, you can also visit our headquarters in London where we will meet and you will receive further details about our procedures.

We will explain everything to you, so that you can be calm that our woodworm treatments are effective and yet completely safe for you and your health.
Our experienced and very polite specialists will take care of the intruders and will secure your home. Contact us in case of a need and our team will prepare its modern equipment for the extermination of the unpleasant beetles. We can be contacted during the weekends too.